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In this article, we will discuss how we can better control our team with Worktivity and what we need to pay attention to. 🧑‍💻

Our work tracking system provides tools to help you monitor and manage your team's performance. 🚀 With these tools, you can track data such as what your employees are spending their time on, what they are doing at any given moment, how productive they are during certain hours, and much more. 📊 This way, you can increase your team's productivity, improve time management, and help your business succeed. 🤝

Team:After entering our panel, we open the team section under the dashboard heading in the left menu. Here, you can see your employees' current status (working, on break, idle, stopped work, yet to start) and control their activities. 🧐


Screenshots:After entering our panel, we go to the Screenshots section under the Tracking heading in the left menu. Here, we can view our employees' screen shots. You can also change the settings to view these shots in blurred or normal mode. 📸


Work Times:After entering our panel, we go to the Work Times section under the Insights heading in the left menu. This section is divided into segments based on your employees' groups. It contains both total and personal data, such as total work hours, total break hours, start times, and more. 🕒

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