Empower your team and drive success with Worktivity | Worktivity

Best Employee Tracking and Monitoring Software for Startups

Empower your team and drive success with employee tracking

As a startup founder or manager, you know that time and productivity are essential for success. However, keeping track of employee work time, monitoring productivity, and ensuring that your team is working efficiently can be a challenge. That's where time tracking softwares comes in.

Maximize your startup's productivity | Worktivity

Maximize your startup's productivity

Set and track goals, analyze and optimize workflows, and use data-driven insights to make informed business decisions and drive growth.

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Streamline your operations | Worktivity

Streamline your operations

Streamline your startup's operations by automating repetitive tasks, gaining real-time visibility into business operations through dashboards, and simplifying collaboration and communication.

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Scale your startup's success | Worktivity

Scale your startup's success

Worktivity provides scalable workflows and processes for managing growth and expansion, integrated data security features for ensuring compliance and reducing risk, and customizable options to fit your unique business needs and goals.

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Boost your team's productivity with Worktivity's employee time tracking and monitorin | Worktivity

Boost your team's productivity with Worktivity's employee time tracking and monitoring

Want to ensure your team is staying productive and on-task? Look no further than Worktivity's employee monitoring feature.

  • Real-time tracking of computer activity, including apps used and active window screenshots.
  • Customizable rules to filter unproductive behavior and identify top performers.
  • Daily productivity timeline for visualization of team performance.
  • Use work analytics to evaluate performance and provide feedback for improvement.
Simplify your processes with Worktivity's online timesheets | Worktivity

Simplify your processes with Worktivity's online timesheets

Worktivity's online timesheets feature offers a simple yet powerful solution for tracking employee work time and optimizing time management.

  • Clock-in and clock-out feature for easy tracking of work time.
  • Real-time monitoring of employee app usage for improved productivity.
  • Daily timeline visualization of employee productivity to identify areas for improvement.
  • Customizable rules to filter and evaluate employee performance and provide feedback.
Unlock Your Team's Productivity Potential | Worktivity

Unlock Your Team's Productivity Potential

Worktivity's productivity measuring and reporting feature helps businesses optimize their workflow by providing a comprehensive view of their team's productivity.

  • Visualize employee productivity on a daily timeline and monitor app usage in real-time.
  • Customize rules to filter unproductive activities and improve team productivity.
  • Provide employees with their own work analytics dashboard to track their productivity, set goals, and receive feedback.
  • Export productivity data to CSV or Excel for in-depth analysis and data-driven decision-making.

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