Hello friends! 🤗

In today's post, we'll be discussing password changing, one of the most important ways to keep our online accounts secure. 🔒

Using a current and strong password not only keeps you safe in the online world, but also protects your accounts from malicious attacks. That's why I'll be showing you how to change your password. 🙌

1. First, go to useworktivity.com and click on your username in the top menu to go to "Settings". 👀

2. Click on the "Security" section on the page that appears. 🔐


3. Here, you can enter your current password and then fill in your new password and repeat it to save the changes. 💪


Remember to change your password regularly to keep your account secure! 🔄

If you need to know what to do if you forget your password, check out our post "What Should I Do If I Forget My Password?" here. 👀

We'll see you in our next post! 🤝


The worktivity team ❤️