Hello my friends! 🌞

Today, we will talk about the customization features of Worktivity. You can now customize Worktivity according to your needs to make it more efficient! 👍

1. Go to useworktivity.comand click on the "Settings" section under the "Organization" title on the left menu. 🖱️

2. Here, you can update your organization name and add your logo. 💻


3. For billing, we have options for corporate or individual registration. Just fill in the relevant information. 💳

Corporate: Commercial Title, Tax Number, Tax Office, Country, Zip Code, Invoice Address


Individual: Full Name, Identity, Country, Zip Code, Invoice Address


Tracking Settings

Here, you can customize many settings such as our team's working days, start and end times, minimum working hours, and idle control to increase productivity. 👊


If you haven't created an organization yet, you can access our "How do I create an organization?" article from here. 💡

See you in our next post! 📝

With love,

Worktivity Team ❤️