Discover how Worktivity can revolutionize your business! With powerful features like employee monitoring, time tracking, project management, and more, Worktivity helps businesses boost productivity and optimize processes. Take control of your business's success today with Worktivity!

The success of businesses is directly linked to the productivity of employees and the effective management of business processes. Today, one of the most effective ways to achieve these goals is by using Employee Monitoring tools. This is where Worktivity, a comprehensive solution designed to meet the needs of businesses, comes into play. Worktivity offers a range of powerful features to help businesses increase productivity and optimize business processes.

Features Offered by Worktivity:

Employee Monitoring: Worktivity tracks employees' activities in real-time. This allows you to see where time is being spent and evaluate its impact on productivity.

Time Tracking: Effective time management is crucial for businesses. Worktivity tracks the time employees spend on projects, helping you manage time more efficiently.

Risk User Feature: Worktivity provides a Risk User Feature to identify employees with specific risk factors. This feature enables businesses to identify potential risks in advance and take appropriate measures.

Project Management: Project management is vital for businesses. Worktivity facilitates tracking and assigning project-based tasks, ensuring projects are completed on time and within budget.

Cost Management: Worktivity helps businesses track and manage costs. It can be used to track project costs and identify budget deviations.

Invoice: Worktivity allows you to create invoices for clients or internal use. It simplifies the invoicing process by billing for time spent on projects and other expenses.

Payroll Calculator: Calculating payroll can be a complex process for businesses. Worktivity provides a tool to calculate employees' working hours and other payroll details.

Leave Management: Managing employee leave can be challenging. Worktivity automates this process, making leave management easier for businesses.


Boosting productivity and optimizing business processes are essential for the success of businesses. Worktivity, a comprehensive Employee Monitoring tool, helps businesses achieve these goals. With features such as employee monitoring, time tracking, risk user feature, project management, cost management, invoice, payroll calculator, and leave management, Worktivity is an ideal solution for meeting the needs of businesses and gaining a competitive advantage.

Now you can enhance your business productivity and optimize your business processes with powerful tools like Worktivity!