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Worktivity is an AI powered employee monitoring software with powerful features such as screenshots, time tracking, and timesheets.

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The Ultimate Employee Monitoring and Productivity Suite For Teams | Worktivity The Ultimate Employee Monitoring and Productivity Suite For Teams | Worktivity A comprehensive productivity suite that helps you increase employee efficiency and workforce engagement | Worktivity Unlock your productivity potential | Worktivity

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Monitor effortlessly employee productivity across multiple teams and locations | Worktivity Keep track of what your employees are working on in real-time | Worktivity
Get detailed reports on how much time employees are spending on each task | Worktivity Use visualizations to identify areas where productivity can be improved | Worktivity

Employee monitoring

Monitor effortlessly employee productivity across multiple teams and locations with powerful AI.

  • Track your employees in real-time, regardless of their location or working environment.
  • Receive detailed reports on the software used and websites visited throughout the day.
  • View the duration of each visited website in minutes.
  • Automatically categorize visited websites using AI support and see how much time employees spend in each category.
Use data-driven insights to optimize your workflows and identify areas for improvement | Worktivity Use data-driven insights to optimize your workflows and identify areas for improvement | Worktivity
Make informed decisions based on real-time information about employee productivity | Worktivity Use customizable rules to filter out unproductive employees and improve team performance | Worktivity

Time tracking

Use data-driven insights to optimize your workflows and identify areas for improvement.

  • Whether it's in the office, hybrid, or remote work, measure when your employees start and end their work hours.
  • Automatically calculate the breaks taken during the day and get detailed insights into the duration and frequency of breaks.
  • Create daily or weekly reports and optionally share them with other managers.
  • Obtain detailed reports on the time spent using different software and let AI measure its productivity.
Automate repetitive tasks to reduce the amount of time employees spend on manual work | Worktivity
Use customizable workflows to standardize processes across your organization | Worktivity Simplify your employees' workloads and increase their productivity | Worktivity


Efficient time tracking with Time Sheets feature.

  • Easily track your time and ensure accurate record-keeping with Worktivity's intuitive time sheets feature.
  • View all your daily or weekly work hours reports in one screen.
  • Get detailed reports on work hours, overtime, and more.
  • Generate detailed reports to analyze your productivity and optimize your time management.
Get more out of existing resources by optimizing employee time and reducing waste | Worktivity Use data-driven insights to optimize your resources and reduce waste | Worktivity
Increase the efficiency of your operations by identifying areas where you can save time and money | Worktivity Improve the bottom line by getting more work done with fewer resources | Worktivity

Screen monitoring

Increase productivity and transparency with Worktivity's screen monitoring feature.

  • Monitor employee productivity by capturing screenshots at random intervals.
  • Improve transparency by giving employees the option to view their own screenshots with employee monitoring software.
  • Optionally blur sensitive content in the screenshots to protect privacy
  • Organize the screenshots by days and weeks.
  • Increase productivity and transparency with Worktivity's Screenshots feature.
Improve communication and collaboration between teams | Worktivity Use a centralized platform to improve communication and collaboration across your organization | Worktivity
Foster a culture of transparency and accountability by providing employees with real-time feedback on their work | Worktivity Use collaboration tools to ensure that everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goals | Worktivity

Activity monitoring

Keep track of your workday with Worktivity's activity monitoring feature.

  • Automatically detect employees who are not actively using their computers during work hours.
  • If an employee remains inactive for a set period, the idle time is automatically added and not counted as work hours.
  • Measure your employees' daily productivity transparently.
  • Allow employees can monitor their progress towards daily goals and ensure they are meeting their productivity targets with employee monitoring software.
  • Witness a 25% automatic increase in overall employee productivity!

Timelapse videos

Gain a holistic understanding of your team's daily activities by harnessing the power of timelapse videos.

  • Save time by viewing condensed time-lapse videos instead of individual screenshots.
  • Watch 60-second time-lapse videos of your employees' daily activities in a short film format.
  • Through these videos, you can completely observe what your 60-person team accomplished within an hour!
Worktivity Timelapse Video Sample Cover

ROI of using employee monitoring software Worktivity

If you start using Employee monitoring software today, you may observe a 25% increase in productivity within one week after your team adapts to using Worktivity.

Along with this rate, we demonstrate what Worktivity will gain you in terms of average salary amounts for different demographic structures.

RegionAVG. Salary%25 additional output after using WorktivityPrice of Worktivity Pro planMonthly ROI
Low-income regions
(case 1)
Mid-income regions
(case 2)
High-income regions
(case 3)

✔️ As you can see from this table, using employee monitoring software provides an additional $1,250 per month productivity for a 10-employee company in low-income (case 1) regions, which is equivalent to having an extra 2,5 employee.

✔️ If you have a business in a high-income area, you can achieve a monthly profit of $10,000 per month for a 10-employee company by using Worktivity! Moreover, the cost of using Worktivity for 10 employees will be only $80 per month!

Employee monitoring software can help you streamline your workflows, increase productivity.

Remote Teams | Worktivity

Remote Teams

Monitor employee productivity, streamline workflows, and improve communication and collaboration.

Hybrid Workforce | Worktivity

Hybrid Workforce

Provide valuable insights for optimizing productivity, time tracking and managing communication in a hybrid workforce.

In-Office | Worktivity


Improve productivity, streamline workflows, and optimize resources for in-office teams.


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