Exclusive Advantages Offered by Worktivity's Affiliate Program

Experience the following advantages with Worktivity's Affiliate Program

Zero-Cost Sign-Up

Embrace a risk-free start – signing up for our affiliate program comes at no cost to you!

Lifetime Earnings Stream

Secure your revenue stream with lifetime commissions. Earn not just on initial sign-ups but also on renewals and upgrades.

Sky-High Conversion Rates

Benefit from impressive conversion rates, with some affiliates witnessing rates between 10-20%. (Results may vary based on your traffic and promotion strategies.)

Partnering for Success

We're invested in your success. Our dedicated support ensures you have the assistance you need to thrive in our affiliate ecosystem.

Dedicated Support for Your Success

We're more than just a program – we're your partners in success. Benefit from professional support to ensure your affiliate journey is as rewarding as possible.

Engaging Promotional Materials

Stay ahead with our regularly updated collection of banners, email copies, and promotional materials designed to make your marketing efforts a success.

Frequently Asked Questions - Worktivity Affiliate Program

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When and how do I receive my commissions?
Do you accept affiliates from all different countries?
What happens if a customer comes from two different referral links?
How long is the cookie duration?
What should I do if the commission for the sale I referred didn't track?
Can I use your logo and materials on my website?
How do I receive my payments?
Can I promote Worktivity on multiple platforms?
Is there a minimum payout threshold?
How can I track my referrals and commissions?
Is support available for affiliates?

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