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4. Cookie Prefences



This Policy contains the terms, conditions, and provisions regarding the use of cookies and similar technologies ("Cookies") in WORKTIVITY ("WORKTIVITY.com"), including explanations and information provided by Internative Yazılım A.Ş. ("COMPANY"), which owns all intellectual, industrial, financial, material, and moral rights in the web pages of the site named "WORKTIVITY.com"and the products/services available on all associated/linked websites in commercial and legal terms.

In this context, we would like to request that our Users ("USER") carefully read and fully understand all the information and explanations, as well as the terms and conditions, regarding the cookies we use in order to enable you to benefit from WORKTIVITY in the most effective and efficient way possible, improve your user habits and experiences, activate WORKTIVITY's core functions, conduct necessary analyses, and provide you with better service. In accordance with our obligation to inform and provide information about the cookies we use, we kindly request that you click/check the "Accept" button of your own free will after carefully reading and fully understanding all the terms and conditions without any doubt.

Clicking/checking the "Accept" button at the end of this Policy means that you have carefully read and fully understood the entire Policy text, and that you have given your express consent and approval.

What Are Cookies and How Are They Used?

WORKTIVITY may process USER browsing information in accordance with this Policy, within the scope of the relevant laws and regulations, to provide better service to the USER, ensure more efficient operation and performance of WORKTIVITY, improve performance, understand when and how the USER visits WORKTIVITY and related websites and how they interact with them, and activate third-party advertisements on relevant other websites, for the purposes specified in this Policy. The aforementioned browsing information refers to small text, image, tag code particles, and data storage files that are saved in name and/or value format on your computer, mobile devices, tablets and cell phones, and/or network servers by the websites you access.

Depending on the type of cookies, they can remain on your device for the duration of your usage and can be deleted when you end your usage (by closing your browser), or they can remain on your device even if you shut down your device and can remember you every time you log in to WORKTIVITY. As a result, when WORKTIVITY is visited by the USER, the information regarding their usage will be remembered, allowing for a more active, easy, and effective use of WORKTIVITY.

Purpose and Types of Cookies Used:

Basic Purpose and Functions             : Cookies can be used within the scope of WORKTIVITY to perform WORKTIVITY's fundamental functions, to track navigation information on WORKTIVITY and/or relevant media, to provide session security and verification, to provide reminders and follow-up during subscription, registration, and similar processes, to encrypt and store unique session ID numbers, to enable seamless page navigation and browsing on WORKTIVITY without the need to re-login during a session, and to provide other necessary basic purposes and functions.

Necessary Settings                                                   : Cookies may be used to save settings such as browser, device, camera, microphone, multimedia player, language, time zone, date, currency, and other settings that are mandatory and necessary for using WORKTIVITY's products and services.

Performance                                                              : Cookies may be used to improve and enhance WORKTIVITY based on user preferences, personalize content, conduct necessary analysis and performance evaluations, provide ease of use, increase functionality, identify browser issues, optimize performance, perform server settings and power estimation, ensure WORKTIVITY's desired performance and maintain it in a sustainable manner.

Additional Personalization and Development:Within the scope of WORKTIVITY, non-mandatory cookies may be used for explanatory, supportive, educational, and personalized purposes, such as the display of video clips, tracking and reminding user preferences, providing personalized options, defining advanced features, and offering personalization opportunities. These cookies may be placed on your device by the COMPANY or relevant third-party providers. The use of these cookies is not mandatory for the purpose and scope of WORKTIVITY. Therefore, it is possible to disable them based on your preference. However, if you disable these cookies, the services provided to you may not work properly or may not work at all.

Targeting/Advertising                           : Cookies that collect data on how you interact with WORKTIVITY can be used to deliver ads for WORKTIVITY. The use of these cookies is not mandatory for WORKTIVITY and can be disabled according to your preferences.

Social Media Cookies:

Within the scope of the purposes of using cookies mentioned above, matching, usage, and processing will only be carried out within the purposes and scope specified in this Policy, and they will only be shared with third parties and/or institutions in line with these purposes.

Depending on the party placing the cookie, both WORKTIVITY cookies and third-party cookies are used. WORKTIVITY cookies are created by the COMPANY within the scope of WORKTIVITY, while third-party cookies are managed by different companies that have a partnership with WORKTIVITY.

Managing and Controlling Cookie Preferences:

You can change the types of cookies and/or specific cookies, except for cookies that are absolutely necessary and mandatory within the scope and purpose of WORKTIVITY, by visiting our Cookie Management tool.

In addition, depending on the capabilities and usage conditions of the browser used, you always have the option to change cookie preferences by adjusting browser settings, personalize them, prevent data owners from using cookies, choose to receive a warning before using cookies, and/or disable or delete certain cookies.

You can access general information on this subject at https://www.aboutcookies.org/

Cookie preferences may need to be set separately for each device you access WORKTIVITY from, so please consider the information we provide below.

  • Clickhereto disable cookies managed by Google Analytics.
  • Clickhereto manage personalized ad experience provided by Google.
  • Use the device settings menu to manage cookies on mobile devices.

If you choose to block certain cookies, please note that certain features and services of WORKTIVITY are dependent on cookies and you may not be able to log in and/or use these features and services, and your cookie-related preferences may be lost. If you choose to delete cookies, including advertising preferences, the settings and preferences controlled by these cookies will be deleted and will need to be recreated.

Changes and Updates:

COMPANY has the right to make changes, revisions, additions and deletions within the scope and content of this Policy, and in other cases that may be required by relevant laws and regulations, without informing the Users.

Any changes made, updates, revisions, additions, and/or deletions will be clearly visible in this Policy text on WORKTIVITY, and if you as our Users do not raise any written objections to the COMPANY regarding these changes, they will be deemed to have been accepted by your free will.

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