As leaders in an ever-evolving work environment, it is important to have concrete tools that boost productivity and maintain a healthy work culture. Worktivity's efficiency-driven tools are designed for this purpose enabling leaders to track and manage tasks effectively.

Efficient Time Management with Worktivity
Juggling various tasks can be difficult and may lead to diminished productivity if not managed efficiently. Worktivity provides a solution to this by offering a platform for effective time management. It tracks work, break, and waiting times, providing a comprehensive overview of an employee’s work hours.
Effective Task Management with Worktivity
Worktivity's task management capabilities allow clear visibility of each task's status – in progress, completed or overdue. This helps in maintaining accountability and ensures that no task falls through the cracks.
Productivity Analysis and Insights
With detailed productivity analysis and reports, Worktivity provides valuable insights into employee productivity. Leaders can identify areas of improvement, helping to create an environment where each employee thrives.
Risk Detection and Costing
The tool enables detection of risky employees, thereby minimizing potential risks. Calculations of task completion times and invoicing also contribute to reducing the company's costs.
Leave Management and Overtime
Worktivity ensures smooth management of leaves and overtime, thereby promoting a balanced workplace culture. This feature enables comprehensive planning and reduces conflicts and miscommunication.
Optimized Employee Tracking
With robust employee tracking features, Worktivity keeps a record of the applications used during work hours, screenshots, keyboard and mouse activity. This not only acts as a productivity measure but also encourages employees to be accountable.
Productivity Reports and Timesheets
Worktivity's detailed reports provide an overview of the work done. The timesheets give a snapshot of work hours, enhancing clarity and accountability.
Worktivity brings productivity, transparency, accountability, and efficiency under one roof, effectively redefining the modern workplace. To experience the convenience of employee tracking and effective time management with Worktivity, create an account here.