Discover the ideal employee monitoring solution for your business through our comprehensive comparison of Worktivity and Hubstaff. Explore the advantages and benefits of Worktivity, including its user-friendly interface, AI-driven app reviews, and comprehensive project and task management. Boost the efficiency of your company with Worktivity, and experience firsthand why it is the most accurate platform for both employees and managers alike.

Hubstaff vs Worktivity: A Comprehensive Comparison of Employee Monitoring Tools

In the ever-evolving landscape of employee monitoring tools, Worktivity and Hubstaff stand out as formidable contenders. In this comprehensive comparison, we delve into their features, performance, and pricing structures. Discover which solution aligns better with your business needs and provides a seamless experience with its user-friendly interface. Learn how Worktivity's intuitive design sets it apart, making employee monitoring a breeze without sacrificing functionality.

 The widget exhibits exceptional compatibility with both desktop and mobile devices, positioning itself as a top-tier time tracking solution for professionals in the fields of any industries, especially project companies.


Comprehensive time tracking is facilitated through an online timesheet, both on a daily and weekly basis, ac  companied by a dashboard to systematically document the recorded time.

Apps and URL

Discover how Worktivity's AI-driven Review Apps feature enhances productivity by providing smart suggestions on employee app usage. Boost efficiency by identifying productive and unproductive applications, empowering your team for peak performance.

Apps Summary

The Apps Summary feature allows you to effectively track the time your team spends on activities. You can see the applications used by your team members and the time spent on these applications, enabling you to analyze this data and optimize your workflow processes. The Apps Summary feature helps you better understand the activities of your projects and team members, allowing you to manage resources more efficiently.

Activity Level and Idle time

Measuring productivity levels enables the observation of individual performance status.


Periodic screenshots help monitor your team's work progress. You have the flexibility to configure screen captures at intervals of once every minutes or disable the feature as needed. Additionally, the option to include blurred screenshots is available for added privacy.

Payroll Calculator

The payroll is automatically computed by considering the total tracked time and the hourly rate of employees. Payroll management incorporates a flexible payment method.

Project and Task Management
Worktivity offers an unlimited project and task timer feature. What sets Worktivity apart from Hubstaff is its prominent Project functionality, allowing users to monitor time dedicated to projects and obtain detailed weekly, monthly, and yearly insights. Additionally, users can view project overviews based on either cost or time spent. 

Cost Management

Worktivity Cost Management feature enables you to effectively manage costs in projects. With this feature, you can track expenses in your projects, set budgets, and keep costs under control. By analyzing detailed expenditure data for your projects, you can identify budget variances and take corrective measures when needed. Additionally, you can assess the financial performance of projects through cost reports and make strategic decisions for future planning. The Cost Management feature helps enhance the cost-effectiveness of your business's projects and enables you to achieve financial goals more effectively.


The Billing feature allows you to manage your business's income and expenses effectively. This feature helps you invoice customers for the products or services you provide, track payments, and understand the financial status.

Leave Management

With the Leave Management feature, leave management becomes more efficient. You can easily track your employees' leave requests, adjust leave durations, and enforce leave policies. Managing leave requests electronically can streamline business processes and enhance transparency.

Productivity Report
Productivity Reports are comprehensive analysis tools that help you assess employee performance and identify the strengths and weaknesses of your business by tracking business processes and evaluating application usage.

Comprehensive reporting system

With Worktivity, you can export all your reports in Excel format and securely store your detailed reports..



  • Starter: $2.99 per user per month

  • Growth: $4.99 per user per month

  • Pro: $7.99per user per month


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