In today’s fast-paced agency milieu, mastering the art of time management and employee monitoring is indispensable. Explore how Worktivity becomes a transformative tool in this scenario, amplifying agency performances across the board.

Revamping Agency Workflow
Agency workflow is a complex system that drives core operations. It demands precise time management and effective employee monitoring, making platforms like Worktivity an essential asset. Through able time tracking, payrolls, billing, and task tracking, agencies can improve their performance metrics, thereby boosting overall productivity.
Benefits of Time Tracking
Worktivity's Time Tracking feature is a game changer for agencies. By keeping a levelled check on time spent on projects, time tracking reduces inefficiencies, promotes diligent work habits, and ensures a transparent communication with clients, hand-holding them through project progress.
Understanding Employee Monitoring
Employee Monitoring is an essential strategy to uphold productivity in any agency. Worktivity's employee monitoring, inclusive of screenshot, activity level, and timelapse videos features, paints an accurate picture of employee work patterns. This data-driven approach ultimately fuels the determination towards setting and winning goals.
Importance of Payrolls & Billing
Maintaining accurate payroll records and billing clients appropriately is pivotal to the sustainable growth of any agency. Worktivity's solution includes payrolls & billing features that help establish a seamless financial management system, enabling agencies to focus on their core competencies.
Enhancing productivity with Task Tracking
Worktivity's Task Tracking tool enables managers to assign, track, and manage tasks efficiently, driving team coordination. This feature ensures constant project progress, facilitates employee accountability, and promotes a high productivity work culture within the agency.
Review Apps: A Unique Worktivity Feature
Worktivity's review apps feature provides crucial analytical data, taking agency’s performance assessment to an entirely new level. It offers insights into employees' application usage, helping to pinpoint productivity gaps, and subsequently drafting improvement strategies. It’s a boon in disguise for productivity-focused agencies.
Adopting Worktivity for Hybrid Teams
In the realm of hybrid teams, Worktivity proves its versatility. It seamlessly integrates and ensures efficiency and control are upheld in both on-site and remote work contexts. With its comprehensive time management and employee monitoring features, Worktivity is truly a comprehensive solution for modern agency setups.
In conclusion, Worktivity brings a transformative change in enhancing the productivity of agency teams. Whether it be time & task management, employee monitoring or payrolls & billing, Worktivity provides an all-encompassing solution to optimize agency workflows. Start revolutionizing your agency workflow today with Worktivity. Checkout to create your account.