Discover the power of time and task management through Worktivity. Boost employee performance and productivity while reducing operational costs.

Understanding Worktivity: A Comprehensive Approach to Employee Productivity
Worktivity, a powerful SaaS (Software as a Service), leverages time tracking and task management to optimize team productivity. The software is infused with robust features including measuring employee application usage, tracking work hours, breaks, and idle times and managing tasks efficiently. It also captures screenshots, monitors keyboard and mouse activity, and provides statistical insights into employee productivity.
Worktivity and Optimized Time Management
Time management is a pivotal aspect for organizations. Worktivity understands this and provides tools for effective tracking of employee work hours, break times, and idle periods. It also offers overtime and leave management, enhancing transparency and accountability within the team.
Task Tracking and Management with Worktivity
Worktivity enables easy task tracking and management. From assigning tasks to measuring task completion times, it offers complete control over a team's workflow. Monitoring task progress increases efficiency and improves resource management.
Revolutionizing Workplace Culture with Worktivity
Worktivity transforms workplace culture by boosting transparency and productivity. By identifying areas of improvement, employees can enhance their performance. The result? An exciting growth curve both for individuals and the team as a whole.
Mitigating Risk with Worktivity
Worktivity assists in detecting risky employees using its powerful tracking features. This aids organizations in maintaining their productivity and security standards, reducing the potential business risks.
Boosting Employee's ROI with Worktivity
By effectively managing tasks and leveraging time tracking, Worktivity reduces operational costs and magnifies ROI. It offers valuable insights on productivity analysis that can strategize your business towards success.
Invoice Management and Cost Calculation with Worktivity
Worktivity provides a simplified solution for invoice management and cost calculations. By accurately measuring employee work hours and task completion times, it aids in precise invoicing, thus, ensuring cost-effective operations.
With Worktivity, you can unlock greater levels of productivity and efficiency in your team. Experience the power of optimized time and task management today. To get started, create an account at