In an era of high-tech solutions, agencies need to leverage innovative tools for improved efficiency. Learn how Worktivity, an advanced SaaS tool, can help optimize agency operations, enhance team productivity, and manage project deadlines seamlessly.

Time Tracking: A Prerequisite for Efficiency
Agencies often contend with multiple projects, tight deadlines, a gradual blurring of lines between work and home, and more that could potentially dip into their efficiency curve. Time management then becomes an extremely crucial aspect of the efficient functioning of these agencies. Thanks to SaaS solutions like Worktivity that offers smart tools for effective agency-wide time tracking.
Transitioning to Advanced Employee Monitoring
The need to monitor employees' activities and productivity levels has never been more paramount. Worktivity realizes this need and comes equipped with a bevy of features that allow agencies to keep track of employee activities, break times, and productivity levels, thereby promoting transparency.
Task Tracking and Productivity Metrics
Worktivity's task tracking and productivity monitoring helps agencies to keep a keen eye on each employee's workload, progress on tasks, and ultimately their contribution to the overall project. This functionality helps to ward off any likelihood of a productivity dip and ensure smooth project completion.
Leveraging Payroll & Billing Features
Agencies handle multiple projects, clients, and resources simultaneously. Worktivity's integrated payroll and billing system makes it easy for agencies to manage financial aspects efficiently, saving valuable time and resources.
Advantages of Screenshots & Timelapse Videos
Worktivity's unique features like screenshots and timelapse videos allow for a detailed review of each worker's workday. These features enable managers to gain insights into their teams' activities, deliver constructive feedback, and drive higher productivity.
Enhanced Team Collaboration
Worktivity also offers collaboration tools to enhance communication among team members, managers, and stakeholders. This improved communication boosts team unity and overall productivity.
Driving Productivity Analysis
Worktivity allows agencies to review apps, analyze productivity levels, and get detailed reports to help them make informed decisions. As a result, Worktivity becomes an indispensable tool for agencies looking to optimize their operations and achieve enhanced productivity.
By leveraging advanced features of Worktivity, agencies can obtain a crystal clear picture of their operations, task progression, and team productivity, thereby driving improved efficiency. Become more productive today by signing up for Worktivity at